Bart Warshaw


Bart Warshaw is a Producer, Composer, Songwriter and Audio Designer from London who is now based in New York. His songs are often written under the name Nix Nought Nothing and have been featured on the BBC and published by Imagem PM. In addition to being an accomplished songwriter and performer, Bart writes music for for a diverse range of media including films, radio and exhibitions.

Bart also produces a number of NYC based podcasts including Memory Motel, Writing Drafts and "Talk to Paulie.

" dont need me to tell you that he [Bart] is a strong charactful singer with an ear for melody and arrangement, this is very, very impressive!.."
Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

Friends of Bart:

Memory Motel
Memory is not fixed. It is an imaginative act. Nothing stays the same, why should memory? Drawing on history, science, literature, personal stories, and fiction, Terence Mickey sets out to understand how dependent we are on memory to understand our lives. And with the slippery nature of memory, how do we be OK with not always knowing?
If you’re curious, welcome to Memory Motel.
BBOXRadio is a community radio staion based in Brooklyn, NY. BBOX’s aim is to support the exchange of ideas, art and music by providing a local community platform & meeting place. BBOX fulfills its mission through an evolving collaboration with its neighbors to present a range of engaging radio programs, concerts, workshops, exhibits and talks.

Imagem Production Music
Imagem Production Music is the largest independent Production Music publisher in the UK with over 100,000 tracks, and an expanding roster of world class catalogues.

59 Productions
59 Productions is one of the leading film projection, design and integration companies in the world with projects such as the London Olympics 2012, War Horse, Les Miserable and "David Bowie is" at the V&A.

Thorny Devil Productions
Founded in 2010 for the co-production of feature film Vagary. In just three years, the team at Thorny Devil produced Shrinking Violet, award winning micro short Advice, and comic horror Six 2nds to Die.

Marco Sandeman
Marco Sandeman is a director and the founder of Irregular Films, a Production company whos clients include Paul McCartney and The Kooks

Joey Auch
Joey Auch is an award winning songwriter, multi instrumentalist, producer and gifted vocalist with vast repertoire of exceptional music to his credit. Joey's gifts as a master tunesmith have been recognized by some of the world's top songwriting organizations including the ISC, London's 'We Are Listening', The New York Songwriter's Circle and the Great American Songwriting Contest.