Specializing in sonically rich and creative audio, Bart is a Podcast Producer, Composer, Audio Designer and Songwriter from London, now based in New York.

In 2017 Bart created the podcast series Kismet, which reached #3 on the iTunes chart and has been covered by the A.V. CLub, IndieWire, Bello Collective and The Audit

"...engaging, focused episodes that delight in their own details." - IndieWire

His past work includes productions for the BBC, First Look Media, ProPublica, Tricycle Magazine, and The Listening Booth.

In addition to being a radio producer, Bart is an accomplished composer who writes music and songs for films, exhibitions, advertising and even toysf. His songs, which have been used across the world are sometimes written under the moniker Nix Nought Nothing.

"..a strong charactful singer with an ear for melody and arrangement. This is very, very impressive." BBC 6 Music