Memory Motel theme

Writing Drafts theme

Theme for a writing podcast that follows the challenge of writing a novel in 30 days.

Talk To Paulie theme

Theme for "Talk To Paulie", an interview show featuring the great artists, intellectuals, thinkers and doers that give NYC much of its inimitable vitality.

Breadcast Theme Music -

Bart wrote a short introduction based on his unreleased song "serengeti" for the bread making mini-podcast series "Bread with Bart and Ed". The show ran on back in the summer of 2009 but it is still one of his favourite radio theme tunes.

Pandora Bracelets

Studio: Massive Music

Muisic demo for an emotional Pandora Bracelets advert.

Cannon Vacation

Studio: Antfood

A demo for a cinematic style Cannon spot

Skip Hop - Baby Projection Mobile

Sound Design for the Skip Hop Baby Projection Mobile lulls little one to sleep with gently blinking leaves along with eight total lullabies and nature sounds

Skip Hop - Nightlight Soother

Sound Design for the Skip Hop Musical Nightlight Soother with eight gentle melodies and calming nature sounds.

Skip Hop - Owl Phone

Sound Design for the Skip Hop Musical Owl Phone in a line of new products with audio intergration.


Director: Dan Farrar

Exporing the manufacturing process for a rocking chair.


A short calming track

Wasted Love

Publisher: Imagem PM

Album: I ♥ Hipsters 3


Publisher: Imagem PM

Album: I ♥ Hipsters 3

Time Is Revolving

Publisher: Imagem PM

Album: I ♥ Hipsters 3

The Cold Lands Collaboration

Songs: When I'm Alive & Icarus

Alongside collaborations from Michael Stipe and Mark Mulcahy, two songs from "The Storm" by Nix Nought Nothing (AKA Bart Warshaw) and bonus footage from Tom Gilroys feature "The Cold Lands" are combined to produce a new musical and visual work.

Ready For The Sun

MUSIC & LYRICS © Auch / Warshaw

The Truth

MUSIC & LYRICS © Warshaw

Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others

Director: Geoffery Celis

Audio Sample from the comdey short due out in September 2014.


Director: Marco Sandeman

The musical score for this this dramatic film underpinns a tension between a daughter and her fathers lover.


Director: Marco Sandeman

Music and Sound Design for the promotional video for a new film production website.

Ophélie, fée du ski à Sotchi

Song: Sticks & Stones
Producers: 2P2L

[French] Documentary on skiier Ophélie David's journey to the 2014 Sotchi Winter Olympics.

Scottish Widows

Studio: Massive Music

Kalidoscopic mood board music for Scottish Widows.

Somersby Unlimited

Director: Marco Sandeman

Music and Sound Design for Carlsberg's Somersby Unlimited test online campaign.



Director: Marco Sandeman

Sound Design for an unnerving and suspensful short directed by Marco Sandeman.

Diet Coke

An unreleased project for Diet Coke. Please enjoy the music and get in contact for a private link to view the video demo.

David Bowie Is

"David Bowie is" at the V&A

A short track inspired by Jazz saxophonist Eric Dolphy for part of the "David Dowie is" exhibition at the V&A in London. The track was comissioned by 59 Productions who produced all of the film and projection for the fastest selling event in the museum's history.

Stonger Than Stone

Publisher: Imagem PM

All I Have

Publisher: Imagem PM


Publisher: Imagem PM


A bouncy ensemble piece with dings and percuissive accents.

Six for Six

A track inspired by Caribbean love of cricket.

Whatever Hurts The Most

MUSIC & LYRICS © Auch / Warshaw

Chase Novel

Studio: Finger Music, NYC

A bid for Chase with a simple musical translation of the theme for a warming story.

Hersheys - Lancaster

A bid with a contemporary folk track set to early edit for Hersheys Lancaster

Studio: The Ski Team, NYC

All At Sea

MUSIC & LYRICS © Wallfisch / Warshaw

We Are All Telling You To Stop

Director: Marco Sandeman

A song that is in support of the occupy movement and to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the start of the Iraq War.

Audi - Obsessed

Studio: The Ski Team, NYC

Jacobs CC

Studio: The Works, NYC

Audi - Camp

Studio: The Ski Team, NYC

Bank Of Scotland

Studio: The Works, London

Dove - Demi

A breezy pop track bid for hair care from Dove.


Studio: HAUS, NYC


Studio: The Works, London

Bid for UK lauch of McDonalds frozen smoothies.

Less Than Kind Teaser

Song: Through Your Heart
Publisher: Imagem PM

Teaser for season 3 of 'Less Than Kind'

Advice (50 Kisses)

Thorny Devil Productions, UK

Less Than Kind Promo

Song: Through Your Heart
Publisher: Imagem PM

Extended promo for season 3 of 'Less Than Kind'

Skip Hop Zoo Luggage

Song: Only a Fire (unreleased)

Stop motion ad for the current line of the Skip Hop "zoo collection"

American Red Cross

Studio: Ant Food, NYC

Bid for the American Red Cross' campaign

Mercedes Winter

Studio: Bang Music, NYC

Bid for 2011 US Mercedes Winter Event.

Phillips Carousel Rescored

Director: Alen Berg

Rescoring of a 2009 commercial for the Phillips Carousel.

Days Of Rage

The National Youth Theatre, UK
Director: Marco Sandeman

Promotion for an emersive theatre production by The National Youth Theatre.

Drawn Together Trailer

Systir Productions

Trailer for the upcoming short film " Drawn Together".

Help From The West

Crecent Theater Group,

The opening scene from comedy short 'Help From The West'. Set in Morocco this section of the score envokes the sprit of "Laurence of Arabia".


A modern driving slow hip-hop beat


Modern dark and engaging urban pop track

Body of Proof

Written for an open submission for the ABC show "Body of Proof", the tracks have dramatic drums and soundscapes that currently popular with this style of TV detective dramas.

Imagem PM - Champion Sounds

MUSIC & LYRICS © Warshaw


Irregular Films
Director: Marco Sandeman

A small section from the opening scene of this apocalyptic comedy short.